Welcome to my website

I am an IT specialist by profession dealing mainly with the implementation of IT projects, designing the architecture of IT solutions and maintaining the technical and system infrastructure.

In addition to my professional work, which is important to me, I have a number of outside interests that allow me to maintain my spiritual balance.

For years I have been interested in electronics. In the past, electronics were mainly radio structures. And it’s been my passion ever since. I am not a compulsive amateur radio logger counting the QSOs. I enjoy talking to my band mates on the radio. Some I know personally, others only from the transceiver speaker. From time to time, if time permits, I take part in competitions.

My second passion is amateur beekeeping. I have a plot of land near Warsaw and I keep my beloved insects there. The plot is my retreat that also allows me to freely implement my antenna ideas and is a place where I feel good, and I can escape the daily grind of work.

So that’s a little about me in a nutshell.

I am glad that you have taken a look at my website, best regards. Wacek SP5XXX

Największe bogactwo, to robienie tego co kochasz

Projekt i realizacja: KJ


Projekt i realizacja: KJ

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